08 Mar 2016

Proposed visit to Bullfrog Pan

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The initial meeting of the above group went very well and there are many plans in the pipeline for the future meetings. The first one is a visit to Bullfrog Pan in Benoni. We have all the directions which are very easy and clear. We can drive to the edge of the grass embankment for the best view of the pan, so any of you who are not able to walk any distance need not worry about this visit.

As there is no hide there we should probably come back to 708 for tea afterwards as taking chairs and tables would be a hassle.
Over 100 species of birds utilize the pan and its immediate surroundings during the year. As well as the pan there is a grassland area to the west of it which is purported to be one of the most rewarding areas for birds.

So bring your hats, your binos, and your bird books and join us for a morning of satisfying birding. Please let me know if you are coming and if you have a car available if necessary. Peter and I can seat 10 between us so this would only be necessary if we exceed that number.

Carol Alexander

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